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do I need to use suboxone

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  5. do I need to use suboxone

Asked: 2020-01-03 08:32:27

Can someone help me figure something out? I'm trying to see if my sister needs to use suboxone. She's addicted to heroin and is only now allowing me to help her but I'm doing some research to what I can learn about some of the stuff that would help. Does she need to use this suboxone to get the help she needs?


Answered: 2020-01-05 08:04:50

If you take your sister to a rehab or detox center, her doctor will decide on what medication she needs to be on. It depends on what they think she needs and not what anyone else might think she needs.


Answered: 2020-01-04 04:36:37

You need to have a prescription to get suboxone, so your sister should get treated for her addiction at a rehab or detox center. Then, her doctor will decide what's best for her during her detox.


Answered: 2020-01-04 03:55:52

You can't really decide that. Either can she. Her doctor is the one who needs to figure out the best way she can get through detox and recover from her addiction.


Answered: 2020-01-04 20:19:51

Everyone is different, so you really can't just assume that you can get your sister this suboxone stuff. A little weird to me since you need to get a presecription for this stuff.


Answered: 2020-01-03 20:28:17

Your sister's doctor should be the one to see if she needs to use suboxone. They are the only ones who should prescribe the suboxone anyway.

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