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what is difference between subutex and suboxone

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  5. what is difference between subutex and suboxone

Asked: 2019-02-08 01:36:07

I'm worried about my boyfriend. He's been off and on, struggling with opioid addiction. I've heard the doctors talking about potential treatment options like Subutex and suboxone and I'm so confused. What's the difference between the two of them?


Answered: 2019-02-09 21:06:08

Oh my I feel you on the confusing part. There's so many different medications to keep track of and it's really hard, especially if you're worried about someone you love. I think Subutex and suboxone both contain the same main ingredient, but suboxone is more common and also includes naloxone. Check with a doctor to confirm though!


Answered: 2019-02-09 13:13:50

Subutex and suboxone are both medications used to address opioid addiction, although suboxone also contains an ingredient called naloxone. Naloxone can block the effects of other opioids.


Answered: 2019-02-08 16:40:55

I took suboxone for four months and it changed my life for the better. Suboxone has naloxone in it will Subutex only has buprenorphine. Please urge your boyfriend to get involved in this treatment if possible - it truly is lifesaving.


Answered: 2019-02-09 07:48:31

I'm pretty positive that both medications have buprenorphine in them, but suboxone also contains naloxone. Either way, both can help those with opioid addiction and I hope your boyfriend can get the help he so badly needs. Best of luck to you both.


Answered: 2019-02-09 06:32:22

The last thing you should be worrying about is the difference between these two drugs. They are just as addictive as the rest of them, so your boyfriend shouldn't risk it.

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