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when was suboxone released

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  5. when was suboxone released

Asked: 2019-08-01 18:34:37

When did it become legal to take Suboxone?


Answered: 2019-08-02 08:26:00

The main ingredient in Suboxone, Buprenorphine became available in 1985.


Answered: 2019-08-02 09:45:07

Suboxone has never been released to the public. You need a prescription to get it.


Answered: 2019-08-02 13:52:32

Suboxone became available for public use in 2002.


Answered: 2019-08-03 02:30:11

People started using Suboxone to overcome drug addiction in the early 2000's.


Answered: 2019-08-02 19:14:35

Suboxone has always been available if you have a prescription for it.

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